Tried and True Tips for Dating Girls

Let me lay it down on you. As a dating professional dating consultant of 23 years, I've seen just about every single dating problem you could imagine. I once counseled a guy who had trouble picking up girls because he started to sweat terribly every time he was about to talk to a girl.

That being said, I think it's fair to let you know that I've given out (literally) hundreds of thousands of tips for dating girls. If you're having trouble getting girls, then I think you need to take a minute and calm yourself down.

The first big thing about getting in with a girl is to stay calm. It goes back to the whole sweating guy problem, he was horribly nervous and anxious. He needed to just calm down and take things smoothly. Plus, women love smooth men.

The second big thing of my tips for dating girls is that you need to be able to impress her. Being and acting smooth by itself can impress a girl. But being smooth and striking up a conversation with a chick can be like hitting a bullseye.

The third and probably most important thing is that if something goes wrong, don't sweat it. You need to laugh it off. If a woman knows that you can find humor in your own mistakes, she'll be much more likely to feel comfortable around you.

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